The ultimate cryotherapy A to Z

As Cryotherapy takes the world, Australia, and now the Gold Coast by storm, there’s still a lot of confusion about what the treatment involves. To make cryotherapy simple for you, we’ve compiled the ultimate A-Z list of everything you need to know about our cryotherapy chamber and how it can help you.  Covering the procedure itself, the problems it solves, and what you’ll experience; if you have any questions at all about cryotherapy this list is for you.

Let’s go!

Cryotherapy is a natural anti-ageing treatment. When your body reaches temperatures of extreme cold, the collagen production stops. The body’s natural response is to create a surge of collagen which, is then pumped to those areas that need it the most. You’ll notice your fine lines have reduced you immediate look younger and healthier after your first cryotherapy treatment, with results increasing over time.
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In each three-minute treatment in our cryotherapy chamber, you’ll burn an extra 800 calories for up to eight hours after you step out of the chamber.

Whole body cryotherapy takes place in a purpose-built cryo chamber which you step into and close the door behind you. There’s no need to be alarmed, the doors don’t lock and you can leave the chamber at any time.

whole body cryotherapy gold coast

Cryotherapy makes you feel naturally happier and regular treatments fight against depression to combat low moods minus the medication.

In each three-minute cryotherapy session, the ‘happy hormone’ endorphins are pumped around your body leaving you feeling great!

cryotherapy chamber endorphins

Every treatment is fully supervised by the Cryoperformance staff and you’re never left alone in the room to guarantee your safety.

Cryoperformance is the Gold Coast’s FIRST cryotherapy clinic providing whole body and localised cryotherapy.

We guarantee you’ll leave the chamber with a big smile on your face and your good mood will last all day!

Cryotherapy promotes the flow of oxygenated, nutrient-dense blood which is pumped to the source of injury to help promote faster healing. Cryotherapy is a treatment popular with athletes who need faster recovery from injury to reduce the impact on their rigorous training program.
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cryotherapy chamber a to z injury

Cryotherapy was invented in Japan in 1978 and has evolved to the full body treatments that we know and love today.

Cryotherapy is safe for children but we wouldn’t put them in the full-body cryo chamber unless they’re over 16-years-old. Cryotherapy for kids under 16 is administered locally.  Read about our kids cryotherapy results.

localised cryotherapy

Psoriasis in young child now cleared up thanks to localised cryotherapy


You don’t have to have cryotherapy from the full body chamber. Localised cryotherapy is delivered from a portable ‘Penguin’ machine and can be administered on a specific area depending on your ailment.

Cryotherapy boosts your metabolism as the blood pumps faster around your body. The excess energy burns fat both during and after the treatment.

Cryotherapy is when the full body, or chosen area, is blasted with liquid nitrogen falling to temperatures as low as -110 degrees. There is no actual contact with Nitrogen making it the safest system in the world.

Don’t worry about what to wear! We’ll provide you with your outfit and some specially designed socks and gloves.

Cryotherapy is a non-invasive, natural treatment for chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. The three-minute treatment reduces blood flow to the afflicted area to reduce inflammation. The cold provides a numbing effect for immediate relief.
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chronic pain syndrome relief cryotherapy

There’s no need to queue! All our treatments are made on an appointment system and you’ll be in and out within 15 minutes. Perfect for the time poor!  Click here to make an appointment.

Regular cryotherapy treatments will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul and give you a whole new lease on life.

Cryotherapy is a natural treatment which reduces the feelings of stress. When the body warms up after the treatment, it’s flooded with ‘feel good’ endorphins which won’t remove the stresses from your life, but they’ll certainly change the way you feel about them!

Each full body cryotherapy treatment is just three minutes long. It goes so fast and it’s over before you know it leaving your body to do the rest!

The door to the full-body cryotherapy chamber is unlocked at any time. You can get out as you wish although for the maximum effect we recommend you stay in there for the full treatment.

cryo chamber unlocked

During the three-minute treatment, blood flow is redirected from your skin to your vital organs to provide a wide range of health and wellness benefits.

Cryotherapy burns up to 800 calories per session and increases metabolism. As part of a calorie controlled diet and a balanced lifestyle, regular cryotherapy sessions will help you lose weight.  Find out more about cryotherapy for weight loss.

If the X-ray is all clear but you’re still in pain, try a cryotherapy treatment to reduce pain and help your body reset itself.

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Cryotherapy uses extra energy which combats insomnia and improves sleep to help you catch those ZZZZZs!

Now you know everything you need to about cryotherapy, all that’s left for you to do is book your appointment! Book online or call us today to discuss your cryotherapy treatment.