About Us

Cryoperformance owner Mark Sullivan is fuelled by a burning passion for helping those suffering from illness or injury achieve noticeable improvements in their recovery and overall health and wellbeing.

As a self-employed Exercise Physiologist with a background in musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions, Mark has a wealth of experience in his field and has spent many years observing patient outcomes from both traditional Western medicine and alternative natural therapies.

Frustrated at just how many patients try various programs and achieve little-to-no results; Mark has witnessed firsthand the many benefits of cryotherapy as a natural treatment for illness and injury, and now he wants to share this cutting-edge treatment technique with you.

Cryoperformance is the home of the Gold Coast’s first purpose-built cryo centre. It offers a more luxurious and user-friendly alternative to similar treatment options in the area and with a beautiful suite and comfortable changing rooms, really provides you with a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere that will instantly put you at ease.


“Because everybody is so different and has different goals that they want to achieve from their cryotherapy treatment plan, we wanted to create a place where we can connect with our clients. We want to get to know their individual needs and unique goals and make sure that everyone feels comfortable, regardless of the path they’ve travelled to get to us. 

With each body responding differently to treatments, we have created a program which is exclusively guided by you. You can have more sessions if you feel that they’re needed to treat a particular illness or injury, or you can slow these down to a timeframe that suits your budget and bodies response.

Our focus is wholly and solely on providing YOU with a natural treatment which meets your personal needs, so we recommend that you try a treatment and once you’ve seen how your body responds, then come back for more.

We are passionate about improving your health and wellbeing whatever that entails and working in conjunction with a personally designed exercise plan; cryotherapy will remove the need for drugs to combat pain and will help you become fitter, stronger and healthier, all while essentially treating yourself.”


“Come and visit us at our luxury suite in Robina or call today for more information. Our personal service is friendly, professional and most of all; it gets results. We look forward to seeing you soon!”

– Mark

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