Chronic pain syndrome relief: 8 ways cryotherapy will reduce the effects of chronic pain disorder and improve your quality of life.

When you first hear the news that there’s nothing more that can be done to treat your chronic pain disorder, you can feel deflated to say the least.

But don’t let an unwelcome diagnosis defeat you.

An emerging alternative therapy in the treatment of a chronic pain disorder, cryotherapy, is here to target your problem areas and reduce your overall levels of pain to help you lead a normal life.

Literally translated, ‘cryotherapy’ means cold therapy.  While cold therapy has existed in a variety of forms for thousands of years; cryotherapy as a single treatment originated in Japan in 1978.

Since then, the use of a full body chamber to immerse the body in dry, cold air of temperatures anywhere as low as -90 and -140 degrees have been used as chronic pain syndrome relief to treat a range of ailments present in all areas of the body.

Chronic Pain Disorder

Chronic pain disorder is an often debilitating consequence of a variety of medical scenarios. It can occur as a symptom of serious illness such as fibromyalgia or arthritis; a historical injury where all surgery and treatment options have been exhausted, or it can stem from a recent illness or injury where a treatment program hasn’t yet been implemented.

In extreme cases, the only option for chronic pain syndrome relief is to learn how to manage the pain rather than treat it, and that’s where cryotherapy will help.

chronic pain management with cryotherapy

Sometimes the only option is to learn how to manage the pain.

Why choose cryotherapy?

If you’ve been considering cryotherapy to manage your chronic pain disorder, here are eight benefits that the alternative therapy will bring to you.

1. It’s an entirely natural treatment.

When you’ve been administering chronic pain syndrome relief for some time, long term use of pain medication can have severe impacts on other, otherwise healthy, parts of the body. Over time, the high dosage of painkillers and medications used to numb and reduce pain and inflammation have the potential to cause unnecessary damage to your vital organs.  Cryotherapy solely impacts the inflamed or injured area which reduces the localised pain without affecting other, healthy, areas of the body.

2. Pain relief is immediate.

Each treatment in the full-body cryotherapy chamber lasts for just three minutes. In that time, the extreme cold administered on the whole body instantly numbs the area that’s in pain to provide immediate relief. Just like the trusty ice pack, the cryotherapy treatment acts as an internal anaesthetic to give an instant break from the pain.

3. Pain relief becomes more effective over time.

High levels of inflammation in the body cause the pain that arises from diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. During a cryotherapy treatment, the extreme cold restricts blood flow to the inflamed area which, with ongoing treatments, will reduce overall inflammation levels throughout the body which will make you feel better overall.

4. Cryotherapy releases endorphins.

Endorphins (otherwise known as happy hormones) are one of the most natural pain relievers that exist. One three-minute cryotherapy session promotes a flood of endorphins which elevates your mood and reduces the perception of your pain for hours after your treatment is over. You’ll leave your session with a much stronger threshold to cope with the pain, and those results will get stronger over time.

5. It’s completely safe.

Cryotherapy that takes place in a full body chamber is an entirely safe way to provide immediate and long-lasting relief from chronic pain. At no time during the three-minute session are you left alone and, with doors that remain unlocked, you can exit the chamber at any point during your three-minute session. The extreme cold puts your body into a survival response mode, but there is no danger to your organs with the cold only penetrating less than a millimetre under your skin.

6. Results last after you leave the chamber.

Cryotherapy isn’t just effective at improving pain while you’re in the chamber, it also continues working for hours after your treatment has finished. Freshly oxygenated and nutrient dense blood is pumped round your body afterwards which targets the pain areas reducing swelling, bruising and inflammation.

7. Results can last long term.

If you’ve received the discouraging news that there’s no cure for your chronic pain disorder, cryotherapy will help. The more sessions you have, the more your body responds, and regular cryotherapy could help you lead a pain-free life.

8. It helps you sleep better.

Lack of sleep due to chronic pain is a vicious cycle. You can’t sleep because the pain is unbearable, and the pain becomes worse due to lack of sleep. The release of endorphins during a cryotherapy treatment are instrumental in promoting a better night’s sleep to make sure you’re well-rested and much better equipped to deal with the pain.


Whether you’ve been in pain for weeks, months, or years; or you’re recently dealing with chronic pain and looking for new ways to manage your agonising symptoms, cryotherapy will provide you with instant relief.


Regular treatments as part of an ongoing pain management plan will reduce your levels of pain and contribute to a better quality of life.

Everyone responds to cryotherapy differently so book your first session at Cryoperformance today and base the rest of your treatments around the progress you notice afterwards.

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