Cryotherapy Anti-Ageing Treatment

Natural anti-ageing treatments that turn the clock back


In the Western world surrounded by environmental toxins and pollutants; a daily skin care regime consisting of cleansing, toning, moisturising and exfoliating is essential for healthy looking skin.

In addition to this day-to-day skincare routine that’s required to keep skin in its best condition; as people age, the production of collagen, the protein that makes skin look smooth, diminishes. Lower levels of collagen results in skin that has fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. All of which worsen over time.

While there are many anti ageing treatments on the market, all with a myriad of ingredients, methods and predicted results; as part of an ongoing commitment to retain the youthfulness of your skin; cryotherapy is a natural treatment which will provide instant and continuing results.

Cryotherapy provides a surge of collagen for your skin

During an anti-ageing cryotherapy treatment, the natural collagen production process is briefly disrupted.  The body’s natural response to this interruption is to counteract it and produce more collagen. Because the disruption is only very temporary (a maximum of three minutes for each cryotherapy session),

Your skin receives an almost immediate surge of new collagen which fills in those troublesome lines instantly, making you look younger and healthier.

As part of a cryotherapy treatment, your whole body will receive the benefits of younger looking skin. If you want to focus only on your face; we also provide a face-only treatment, the results of which are more targeted and will be visible within minutes.

Who can benefit from anti ageing treatments with cryotherapy?

  • People who have developed fine lines and wrinkles but don’t want to inject chemicals and harmful ingredients into problem areas.
  • Individuals who have lost confidence due to saggy skin and premature ageing
  • People who are suffering from irreparable sun damage due to inadequate sun protection in the past.


We recommend an ongoing anti-ageing treatment plan based on how your body responds to your initial treatment. It is safe to have a cryotherapy treatment every day, and with ongoing exposure to temperatures of minus 140 degrees, your results will improve with each session.

Results are immediately visible after your first cryotherapy session and become stronger with every treatment.

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