The ultimate guide to cryotherapy and breast implants.

Any woman who’s ever gone ‘under the knife’ to achieve the breasts of her dreams knows that despite having implants, your breasts look and feel completely natural.  While breast implants look quite natural to the human eye, you have made a change to your body’s internal structure. Therefore it’s important that you have all the facts about cryotherapy and breast implants so you can feel completely comfortable during your treatment.

I receive a lot of enquiries about cryotherapy and breast implants and I’ve compiled some of the most common information I give out so that if you have breast implants, you know exactly what to expect before you enter the cryo chamber.

The natural breast

Naturally, breasts are made up of muscle, tissue, blood vessels and glands. When the body is exposed to cold temperatures, blood vessels will keep the breasts warm by pumping the blood to the area.  When you add implants into the mix, you change the formation of the breast and your body may react differently to extreme temperature.


Implants are generally filled with saline or silicone and because there are no blood vessels in the implants, blood isn’t pumped into them to keep you warm so they can naturally sit at one or two degrees cooler than the rest of the body.

breast implant diagram

Is cryotherapy safe for those with implants?

Yes, cryotherapy is absolutely safe with or without implants!!  Regardless of whether you’ve had one or multiple surgeries on your breasts, cryotherapy won’t impact your implants in any way at all.   If you’ve changed the natural structure of your breast by getting implants, you might have noticed they can feel particularly cold at times and exposing your body to temperatures as low as -140 degrees might seem a little daunting.  But you don’t need to be afraid. I can assure you, cryotherapy with breast implants is completely safe.

You might feel the cold a bit more in that area than someone without breast implants but this won’t harm you in any way. The only question is how well you can tolerate feeling cold and because everyone is so different, breast implants or not, it’s impossible to say how your body will respond to cryotherapy until you try it.


Recommendations for cryotherapy and breast implants

Start by booking in one session.  Until you try cryotherapy, you won’t know how you’ll feel. When trying cryotherapy for the first time, we recommend starting with one treatment and monitoring your body’s response.  Your body will go through a range of sensations and it’s important you’re comfortable with how your breast implants feel so you can enjoy your treatment and get the maximum benefit in other areas. Once you’re used to the sensation, you can book in as many sessions in as you need.

Wear a bra

We provide you with suitable garments to wear during your session. However if you want to wear a bra, tube top or towel during your treatment to offer some slight protection for the implants, that’s perfectly fine, just let us know when you get here.

Reduce the time of your treatment

If, after one session, your breasts feel too cold but you have noticed the awesome benefits in other areas such as elevated mood, better sleep, increased energy, and reduction of pain, you could consider having more cryotherapy sessions but perhaps slightly reducing the length of time that you’re in the chamber. Reducing your treatment time may mean your breasts don’t feel as cold but remember, reducing the time of your treatment will reduce the impact cryotherapy has in other areas so the longer you can stay in the chamber, the better.

Post op

If you’ve recently had your breast implants, cryotherapy might help you recover from surgery faster. Cryotherapy reduces inflammation throughout the body which will reduce any swelling and pain, and promote healing. It’s important that you get medical clearance from your surgeon before your first cryotherapy treatment post-operation but we recommend cryotherapy as a treatment to promote post-op healing.

What does cryotherapy with breast implants feel like?

When you step out of the cryotherapy chamber, your blood pumps faster around your body to warm it up again. Without blood vessels in the breast implants, your implants may stay cooler for some time after your treatment.  While cryotherapy and breast implants are a completely safe combination, it might take that area longer to warm up after your treatment.

Ultimately, cryotherapy with breast implants is a similar sensation to how you feel when you’re in any cold environment.  It’s completely safe, so come on down and try it and see for yourself!  Call today to find out more about cryotherapy and breast implants or book online to make an appointment.