Cellulite Treatment with Cryotherapy

A revolutionary treatment for cellulite – Cryotherapy!

One of the best known ‘old wives’ tails’ is that once you have cellulite, you’re stuck with it. Some women are luckier than others, but once the dimpling of the skin starts to appear, consensus is there is usually little a woman can do to combat it.

Cryotherapy challenges that with gusto, and if you’re a woman who’s prone to cellulite and looking for a new cellulite treatment that’s  based on the Gold Coast, we’re here to help.

Cryoperformance offers a proven cellulite treatment that will help you say goodbye to those confidence-knocking dimples once and for all!

cellulite treatment woman holding bye bye cellulite sign

Say goodbye to cellulite with our new cryo cellulite treatment.

How do our cellulite treatments work?

Collagen is an essential protein which directly affects the appearance of skin. Genetically, some women produce more collagen than others, and in those where the production is less, cellulite is much more widespread.

Cryotherapy is a modern-day cryo skin treatment that restores skin to leave its appearance smoother and more even-looking than before.

Not only does it repair damaged skin, but it also promotes collagen production which prevents you from developing cellulite in the first place.

If you’ve held on to the traditional belief that some people are luckier than others and once you have cellulite it’s there forever, it’s time to step into the chamber and prove everyone wrong. Treatment for cellulite is possible!

After your first treatment, your skin will look smoother and younger than ever before, and the more treatments you have, the more effective your results will be. There is hope, you can banish your cellulite without surgery.

Who can benefit from treatment for cellulite with cryotherapy?


  • Anyone who has a healthy and active lifestyle but their results have plateaued.
  • Anyone who has lost their confidence due to the appearance of cellulite but doesn’t want to have a procedure to remove it.
  • Anyone who has read every guide on how to remove cellulite but has never achieved results.


You can choose the frequency of your treatments depending on the results from your first session and to align with your current health and fitness program. This revolutionary new cellulite treatment on the Gold Coast will make you look great and feel better than you’ve felt in years.



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