Cryotherapy for Athletes

Get to the top of your game, and stay there


If you want to get to the top of the leaderboard, there’s a lot involved in achieving optimum athletic performance and staying there.

Diet, training, recovery, physical therapies and supplements are just the tip of the iceberg for any athlete or sportsperson who wants to become elite in their field.

In any competitive arena, it’s a temptation to do anything you can to help reach your goals. When you’re doing everything possible, how else do you achieve those extra gains which are vital to getting ahead of your competitor?

Cryotherapy Helps Injury Recovery and Healing

Now you can give your performance a boost with an entirely natural, alternative way to get to the top by adding regular cryotherapy sports treatments to your rigorous training schedule.

Athletes and elite sportspeople have been using ice to treat sprains, tears, swelling and muscle injuries for years, and cryotherapy takes on this concept but in a much bigger, more technologically advanced fashion.

There are many scientifically proven reasons why elite athletes and professional sportspeople are flooding to cryotherapy for healing and injury recovery in droves but mainly because they want to be at the top of their game, and this natural treatment helps them to do just that.

Cryotherapy is a natural performance enhancer for athletes which speeds up recovery and allows faster repair of muscle tissue, reducing pain and allowing for more frequent training sessions.

Cryotherapy re-routes the flow of blood to your primary organs which reduces the blood flow to areas of swelling and pain, to help them heal faster.

When administered with a smaller tank called a ‘penguin’, cryotherapy can target specific areas suffering from an injury to reduce pain and provide a physical therapy without the manipulation of muscles.

Cryotherapy results vary from person to person although immediate pain relief, improved recovery time and reduced inflammation are typical responses.

Who can benefit from cryotherapy?

  • Competitive athletes who want to improve performance.
  • Injured sports enthusiasts who want to heal faster.
  • Anyone suffering from a localised injury who wants a targeted, natural treatment.


Whether you want to treat a particular area of pain, introduce regular treatments as part of your ongoing training program to enhance your performance; cryotherapy offers an entirely natural treatment for athletes with no side effects and without adding questionable chemicals to your body.

Enhance your performance with cryotherapy

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