Faster healing with cryotherapy helps elite athletes reach their peak.

Cryotherapy is no longer a new-age, natural therapy treatment used as something that might improve the performance of elite athletes.

Today, cryotherapy is a natural therapy treatment that will improve the performance of athletes.

According to Fox Sports, whole body cryotherapy, which was once used to target those with specific injuries and ailments, could now “make the difference between winning and losing the NRL.”

For individual athletes and teams of sportspeople who have so much riding on leading their team to victory, that’s a very bold claim and one which, for the sake of athletes across the globe, must be investigated.

How does this revolutionary, natural, treatment, make the difference between winning and losing such a prestigious title for elite athletes?

And why should you, whatever level you compete at in your chosen sport, consider regular cryotherapy for faster healing?

Here are 4 ways cryotherapy healing is now one of the most effective treatments for elite athletes as part of an integrated, holistic training program:

1. Cryotherapy reduces swelling

Swelling is not only painful, it’s also a primary indicator that a body part is injured and should be rested until it’s healed. Swelling can cause pain, and putting pressure on a swollen muscle or joint may cause longer term, more permanent damage and should be avoided.

Cryotherapy constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the affected area to help swelling heal faster. Once the three-minute cryotherapy session is over, oxygenated blood which is richer in nutrients is then directed back to the injured area to promote faster healing once out of the chamber.

cryotherapy healing reduces swelling

Cryotherapy helps areas of swelling to heal faster

2. Cryotherapy reduces inflammation

Cryotherapy evolved from the concept of the trusty ice pack! Applied locally to the injured area, cold reduces inflammation and helps the injury to heal faster.  The cold which is applied to the whole body during cryotherapy slows blood flow to the affected areas which reduces the inflammation throughout the whole body.

Inflammation is the primary cause of pain in the body, so reducing inflammation will lower pain allowing an athlete in training to use the injured body parts, sooner.

3. Cryotherapy naturally reduces pain

Endorphins are chemicals released in the body which naturally alter the brain’s state to reduce the perception of pain. Endorphins are released in response to many activities such as exercise, acupuncture, massage, and laughter.  And another proven method of increasing the release of endorphins…cryotherapy!

Ongoing cryotherapy healing treatments reduce pain from an injury allowing athletes to use the affected area much sooner. This reduces the impact the injury has on a stringent training regime and the athlete’s ability to reach their training milestones.

cryotherapy naturally reduces pain

Endorphins are released in response to cryotherapy, which reduces pain

4. Cryotherapy improves sleep

Whatever the sport, all athletes follow a strict sleeping plan to keep them at the peak of their performance. Apart from increasing energy and concentration to keep an athlete at the top of their game, sleep is the time that the body naturally repairs and heals itself.

Cryotherapy promotes a good night’s sleep by increasing the release of endorphins which act as a mild sedative, reducing stress, and diminishing the pain which might keep someone awake.

Ongoing cryotherapy heals by improving sleep to help an athlete rest, recover, and repair to improve their performance.

What to expect

Whole body cryotherapy healing for faster recovery is quickly becoming a must for athletes at all levels of performance, from beginner to elite.

When you choose Cryoperformance for cryotherapy healing, you’ll see a marked improvement in the speed and the way your body heals from inevitable injury. You’ll notice immediate benefits after your first three-minute session and ongoing cryotherapy sessions may be recommended to strengthen and heal not just today, but for the duration of your career.

heal faster with cryotherapy

After cryotherapy you’ll see a marked improvement in the speed and the way your body heals from inevitable injury.

During a cryotherapy session, you’ll enter a full body chamber that falls to temperatures of -140 degrees. The chamber isn’t locked and you can exit at any time, but the longer you remain inside up to the end of the session time, the more beneficial for your body and the better your results will be.

At Cryoperformance, we’ll assess your individual objectives and design a program that meets your specific training goals and which will assist you to train harder and recover faster; the two most important aspects that an athlete needs to reach the peak of their performance.

Accidents and injuries ranging in severity are par for the course with all seasoned athletes. At best, injury can slow an athlete down or delay their training. At worst, serious injury can end the career of athletes who show even the highest of potential.

Cryotherapy reduces healing time so athletes can get back on their pitch of choice much faster which will allow them to push their bodies harder, and faster and lead them and their team to victory.

Come down to our Robina studio and try healing yourself with your cryotherapy.  Call 07 5562 2813 to make an appointment, today!