Whole Body Cryotherapy

Don’t have good health, have great health


It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle consisting of a balanced diet and a strict exercise regime will make you look fantastic and feel even better. If you take care of yourself, you’ll improve the quality of your life and undoubtedly increase your life expectancy.

But, striving for excellent health doesn’t have to stop there.

No matter how well you look after yourself, the everyday stresses of life still exist and can easily penetrate your healthy exterior.

Fortunately, with ongoing treatments to holistically tend to every area of your physiological wellbeing, when stress hits, you’re in a much better position to avoid becoming run down and feeling as though every day is a struggle.

Introducing whole body cryotherapy

A course of cryotherapy treatments is likely to not only improve your overall health and wellness but should help lessen the daily stresses of life which have the potential to leave you feeling frazzled and exhausted.  This means you can carry on without missing a beat.

When you step into our whole body cryotherapy chamber, your skin is exposed to a temperature of -140 degrees. This sudden drop in temperature causes oxygen and nutrients to increase in your blood as it pumps to the main organs, as your brain has indicated it needs to do to help them survive.

When you step out of the chamber, a rush of endorphins is released as your body temperature regulates. This causes a natural elevation in your mood for up to 8 hours after the treatment.

Regular whole body cryotherapy is an excellent, natural therapy for depression and anxiety. It also bolsters your immune system, so you become less susceptible to colds and flu and experience an overall improved feeling of wellness.

Who can benefit from whole body cryotherapy for health and wellness?


  • Anyone who is suffering from depression or anxiety.
  • Anyone who is fit and active but needs complementary wellness treatments to combat the effects of stress on the body.
  • Anyone who has irregular sleeping patterns.
  • Anyone looking for a natural treatment to supplement their ongoing health and wellness.


Whole body cryotherapy may improve your mood, could help to combat erratic sleeping patterns and reduce the physical impact that stress has on your body AND it’s an entirely natural treatment. To book an appointment and take your first step to reach peak health and wellness, contact us today!

Add whole body cryotherapy to your wellness regime

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