Cryotherapy Weight Loss

Instant cryotherapy weight loss results that could last a lifetime

Would you believe that you can give your body everything it needs to burn up to 800 calories in just three short minutes?

That’s less time than it would take to tie your runners before heading out for a 10km jog where a faster than average athlete would burn the same number of calories.

If you’ve been on the same program for a while and you’re struggling to achieve or maintain results, a course of cryotherapy weight loss treatments could help you reach, and sustain, your target weight faster than ever before.

Weight loss treatment with cryotherapy – what to expect

During a three-minute whole body cryotherapy session, the temperature around your body drops to -140. Throughout this period, oxygenated blood is pumped to your vital organs to protect them and keep them warm which causes you to use excess energy.

Once you leave the chamber; your brain rapidly sends signals to encourage physiological functions which will increase your body heat quickly. Regulating your body temperature uses more energy and burns more calories than maintaining a constant temperature.

Your energy will continue to burn at this higher than average rate for up to eight hours after your treatment (depending on the frequency of our treatment program)!

With regular cryotherapy treatments, your increased metabolism lasts longer between sessions which further increases the number of calories burned per session.

We know that after your first cryotherapy weight loss session you will feel fantastic, but, like any area where long-term results are a goal, the results directly correlate with the frequency of treatments. The more often your sessions, the better your long-term results will be.

During your three-minute treatment, cryotherapy will also destroy fat cells. Fat cells can’t survive in extreme temperatures, so the cold demolishes them, and they’re removed from the body as part of the detox process which also starts to take place in the chamber.

Who can benefit from cryotherapy weight loss treatments?

  • Anyone who is struggling to get results on their existing weight-loss program.
  • Anyone who wants to destroy fat cells and remove them from the body.
  • Anyone who wants to burn up to 800 calories as a result of a three-minute session.


Don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourself how cryotherapy will help you reach, and maintain your weight loss goals. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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