If you have never thought about cryotherapy as an effective treatment program for migraine’s, perhaps it is time to reconsider!

This amazing ‘freezing strategy’ offers much help for body injuries like tennis elbow, broken bone therapy, muscle rejuvenation and many other plaguing issues; Headaches and migraines are right up there.

While each one of us has our favorites, exploring new options can prove beneficial when it comes to treatment programs for chronic migraines and headaches.

So what causes a migraine attack? In an article titled “Diagnosis and Management of Headaches in Young People and Adults”, authoritative source PubMed Health reveals some interesting feedback. Healthcare professionals often find the diagnosis of headaches difficult, with both the headache sufferer and their health practitioner concerned about possible serious underlying causes.

Long-term headache and migraine sufferers will resort to almost any cure, imagined or real. Over-the-counter medication may offer temporary relief, but it can have undesirable side effects too rather than find the underlying cause of the problem and identify what is causing chronic migraine in the first place. This means consulting a healthcare professional to seek advice and effective treatment.

You are definitely not alone if you suffer from headaches – as many as nine out of ten people share the problem in Australia. Whether occasional or frequent, throbbing or dull, these may lead to excruciating pain and even nausea. Spinal manipulation is one of the primary treatments provided by chiropractic doctors. Research indicates that it can be an effective treatment option for headaches that originate in the neck as well as tension headaches. All good, except for those among us that cringe at the thought of bone-rearranging manipulation!

penguin localised cryotherapy for migraine's

The Cryotherapy Solution for Migraine’s

It may surprise you to learn that the use of cold therapy for treating migraine headache attacks first happened over 150 years ago – due credit to one James Arnott. His application of a mixture of salt and ice seems to have put cold therapy on the map as an effective treatment for many ailments, severe headache being one of them. These days, the process is more precise and effective with the use of localized cryotherapy. This treats the debilitating pain that arrives with a headache or migraine.

Local cryotherapy is also extremely dry–there is no moisture involved. Ice is inherently “wet” and can damage the skin during application.